Matthew Fornwald

Matthew Fornwald


Every good business partnership should begin with a cold beer on a golf course and a great discussion over a lousy round.  At least that’s how Matt Fornwald came to join the RBI team.

Matt has a long history in the residential property field (we won’t share his age but trust us, he’s been around awhile). He began his career in the family business of residential construction with Fornwald Fine Homes and later put away the steel toes for wing tips in the white collar world of financial services and then in real estate.

Working in real estate made Matt realize the importance of being able to seamlessly pull all of the pieces of the home buying experience together to create an easy process. He began referring clients to RBI a few years ago and valued the way that Ryan prioritized clients to bring them to the closing table timely and effortlessly.  When presented with the idea of getting licensed in insurance and joining the RBI team, Matt saw the opportunity as the hole in one he’s always tried to get.

Matt was born and raised in the Bedford area and well connected with the SE Michigan and NW Ohio communities. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Albion College Matt can tell you all about Macros and Micros (and we aren’t just talking about breweries here). He and his girlfriend of several years and two sons enjoy the outdoors, sports and socializing in and around the local area.

Matt’s background in residential construction, financial services and real estate brings added insight and expertise to the RBI agent line-up.  Matt and Ryan have very similar business philosophies of providing an exceptional customer experience that is relationship oriented and never just transactional. They value guiding clients to their goal in a way that is more personal than most other business encounters today.

Matt’s personality gives Ryan a run for his money and the two of them together, along with 18 holes of green grass and an exorbitant amount of unnecessary swinging, presents the perfect scenario for teamwork and strategizing the best in client care.